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Maytte Rivera

In terms of the red wines of the Italian wine region of Piemonte, the Nebbiolo grape that provides the famous Barolo wines has always overshadowed other local varieties.  However, Barbera is the most planted red grape in the region and the wine choice of locals who enjoy its ready to drink, fresh personality.  Historic mentions of this grape date back to the 7th century, which makes it almost a thousand years older than Cabernet Sauvignon. Barbera presents aromas of tart cherry, black licorice, and dried herbs, wrapped around bright acidity, medium intensity, and supple tannins.

In Piemonte, the villages of Asti and Alba are the most well known for the production of Barbera, but the grape is also planted in small quantities in California, Australia and Argentina.  In Alba, Poderi Colla uses old vines from the vineyard of Costa Bruna to produce a fresh, floral and spicy Barbera that expresses the true nature of this grape.

Try it with tomato-based pastas like eggplant lasagna or Bolognese sauce.  A simple cheese and prosciutto plate will also work beautifully.  Cheers!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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