Cabernet Franc

March 25, 2022 by
Maytte Rivera

In the world of wine, Cabernet Franc is the unsung hero of some of the most famous blends of Bordeaux and California Meritage.  However, it has recently gained reputation as a single variety wine for its approachable style and intriguing combination of fruity and vegetal flavors.  A parent grape to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, its origin is believed to be in the Basque region of southwest France.  Due to the grape’s ability to adapt to a variety of climates, it has traveled the world from France to Italy, South America, United States, and Australia. 

When grown in the cooler climates of Bordeaux and Loire Valley (where it is known as Breton), Cabernet Franc produces wines full of tart red fruit flavors, bell pepper and delicate herbal aromas.  The warmer climates of Uruguay, Washington and California bring out this grape’s bright strawberry, mint and chili pepper aromas.

Cabernet Franc has always been regarded as an exceptional blending grape, adding bright acidity, supple tannins, and complex vegetal aromas to wines all over the world.  However, trying single variety wines will allow you to enjoy this grape’s distinctive flavor profile and aromas.  Pair it with tomato-based dishes, light meats on the BBQ, or chicken fricassee for a truly unique experience.

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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