July 12, 2022 by
Maytte Rivera

Glera is one of the most popular white grape varieties at the moment, but most people do not even know they are drinking it! This native Italian grape is the base for Prosecco, the aromatic sparkling wine produced in the area of Veneto that has been growing in popularity in the past couple of years.  In fact, Glera is sometimes called Prosecco, with the name deriving from the village of Prosecco in the area of Trieste in Northern Italy.  It can show aromas of green apple, honeydew melon, and white flowers when grown on sunny hills and the yields are kept low.

Glera’s naturally high acidity make it perfect for the production of sparkling wines, but it is also vinified in small quantities as a still wine.  In the region of Treviso in Veneto, the Mionetto family has been making Prosecco since 1887.  Their sparkling wines coming from the area of Valdobbiadene are bursting with elegant flavors of fresh bread, apricots, and ripe melon.  For a fresh taste of Glera, try Canella Prosecco with its lively citric and green fruit aromas. 

This refreshing grape is perfect as an aperitif, paired with fresh fruit salads, or contrasting with salty cured prosciutto.  You can also take a bottle to the beach, pop the cork and let the bubbles refresh this heat.  Cheers!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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