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Paloma Zuazo

Even though it is the most planted grape in the Southern Rhône region, the Grenache varietal comes from Spain where is known as Garnacha, and it's very popular in Rioja, Navarra and Priorat.

This varietal needs warm to hot climates to fully ripen and is resistant to drought. The wines tend to be high in alcohol, low in acidity, and hints of red fruits flavors and aromas, such as stewed strawberry, grilled plum, and some citrus. Whereas it is not uncommon to blend it to add perfume, alcohol, and body to the coupage, there are also outstanding varietal wines made with Grenache, particularly rosés.

A fantastic example of an excellent blend where Grenache is the dominant varietal is Finca Dofí (Álvaro Palacios, Priorat), with 19 months in French oak barrel maturation, flavors and aromas of ripe fruit and sweet spices. It will never disappoint. 

Further up north, in the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France, Grenache is widely planted, mainly used in the GSM blends (Grenache-Syrah-Mouvedre), quite typical of that area. However, this 100% Grenache rosé is not to be missed: Notorious Pink (Domaine de la Colombette) is much more than a wine, but a lifestyle brand, with fresh and crispy notes of stone fruit and citrus, and balanced acidity.

This varietal has travelled the world, and there are outstanding examples of Grenache wines in the warmest regions of Australia or even California.

Such is the case of Pharaoh Moans, a little winery in Paso Robles (in Central Coast) specializing in this varietal, making limited productions with a unique Californian style that are causing turmoil and definitely worth a try.

Do you also love Grenache? Have you tried any of these wines? What are you waiting for?

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Author: Paloma Zuazo

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