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Maytte Rivera

The bold, flavorful red grape Primitivo finds its origins in Croatia, where it is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski. Story has it that Roman soldiers were the ones that introduced this vine to the Italian region of Puglia where it produces rustic wines with high alcohol and assertive tannins. It was taken to United States, where it was named Zinfandel, during the 1820’s by the owner of a grape vine nursery, then it made its way to California during the Gold Rush, and has since become “America’s grape”.

Matanè winery produces Primitivo from family-owned vineyards in Puglia. They create two versions of the grape. The first version is from grapes harvested from different areas inside Puglia is meant to be enjoyed young and fresh. The second version comes from old vines in the area of Manduria, a region known for producing Primitivo suitable for long bottle ageing and bursting with flavors of raspberry, licorice and baking spices.

The “rustic“ character of Primitivo is best enjoyed with hearty dishes like braised short ribs, beef lasagna or sausage pizza. Enjoy!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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