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Maytte Rivera

The red grape Syrah produces some of the most robust and structured wines we can enjoy.  Its origins reside in the northern Rhone Valley in France and from there it has migrated all over the world to delight us in single variety wines as well as blends.  Syrah flavors and aromas vary greatly depending on its place of origin.  When grown in regions like France and Italy, Syrah offers herbaceous and earthy notes rounded by a delicate smokiness.  In the warmer climates of Australia (where it is called Shiraz), California and Washington, this dark-skinned grape creates wines bursting with flavors of ripe black fruit, spices and cocoa.

In the northern Rhone, Paul Jaboulet Aine has been producing iconic wines since 1834 using old Syrah vines from a variety of villages like Cote Rotie, St Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage and Cornas, among others.  Their Hermitage “La Chapelle” is considered as one of the legendary wines of the world, and you should also try Jaboulet’s Les Jalets, named after the smooth, round stones that cover the vineyards.

To experience Syrah’s rich flavor profile, try Abeja from Walla Walla Valley in Washington State, which is full of notes of hibiscus, eucalyptus and dark chocolate. In Santa Lucia Highlands in California, Roar Wines takes advantage of long sunshine hours to produce Syrah full of fragrances of violets and plum compote. 

Let your taste buds have fun! Enjoy Syrah with full flavored dishes, like roasted duck breast or BBQ pork ribs for the full flavor experience.

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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