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Maytte Rivera

Italy is home to approximately 2,000 native grape varieties, and about 400 of them are used to make wine commercially.  One of these grapes is Verdicchio, which is believed to be indigenous to the region of Marche in eastern Italy and is also grown in Umbria and Lazio.  Its name is derived from the word “verde” in reference to the color of its skin and the green, pale hue of the wines it creates.  Its medium body and high acid make it suitable to produce sparkling wines, young still wines, or wines suitable for long ageing in bottle, depending on the vinification techniques used by the winemaker. 

Verdicchio’s traditional aromas and flavors of peach, lemon, raw almonds, and saline are showcased perfectly in Bucci’s version of this grape.  The Bucci family has been harvesting grapes in Le Marche since the 1700’s, making wines in the traditional method using old vines and large old oak barrels for ageing, resulting in concentrated flavors and lower acidity.

Verdicchio is great on its own but is also very versatile with food.  Try it with tomato bruschetta, pasta with garlic and olive oil, or grilled mild white fish. Cheers!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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