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Maytte Rivera

In the world of Italian white grape varieties, Pinot Grigio takes the lead as the most recognized and enjoyed worldwide.  But in the warm climates of Sardinia and Liguria, Vermentino reigns supreme. This light body, aromatic grape goes by many names: Pigato in Liguria, Favorita in Piemonte, Rolle in southern France.  Recent DNA analysis even suggests that it might be related to the Hungarian grape Furmint, used in the production of the famous sweet wines of Tokaji

Vermentino creates white wines that are delicate but full of aromas of white flowers, ripe peaches, and a distinct slightly bitter finish reminiscent of raw almonds.  In the coastal region of Maremma in Toscana, Italy, world renowned winery Castello Banfi produces “La Pettegola”, a fresh, crisp version of this grape bursting with ripe pear and floral flavors.

Try Vermentino with crab cakes, grilled octopus or roasted salmon.  Grab a bottle and discover that Italy is much more than Pinot Grigio!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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