November 1, 2022 by
Maytte Rivera

Viura is the most planted white grape in the Spanish region of Rioja and an intrinsic part of the blend of the sparkling wine Cava in Penedes, where it is known as Macabeo. Its origins are believed to be in the Ebro Valley in northeast Spain, and it is also planted in the area of Languedoc-Rousillon in southern France, where it is known as Macabeu and blended with other grapes to produce dry still wines as well as fortified wines.  Its natural acidity and medium body provide great ageing potential when aged in oak barrels, as is the tradition in Rioja. When vinified in neutral containers like stainless steel vats, it presents aromas of lemon peel, honeydew melon, and tarragon.

Marques de Caceres produces a Viura made in a fresh style, under their label “Excellens”.  It expresses aromas and flavors of green citrus fruits and bitter almonds with some herbal undertones, perfect to be enjoyed while young.

Try Viura with grilled scallops or fresh cod filet.  For a classic pairing, try a cava based on Macabeo like Villa Conchi Brut with cod croquettes to brighten the flavors and cleanse your palate.  Cheers!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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