Black Rooster

April 3, 2023 by
Maytte Rivera

You have probably noticed the figure of a black rooster displayed on bottles of Italian wines from the region of Chianti Classico in Toscana.  But, what’s the story behind it and what does it mean? The use of the “gallo nero” to symbolize the area of Chianti did not always refer to wine.  In fact, it dates to 1384, when logo of a black rooster with a golden background was chosen to represent the “Lega del Chianti”, a military league of rural towns design to defend the region in case of war.  It wasn’t until 1924 when several wineries of the area created the first Italian wine association, called the “consortium”, to guarantee the integrity of the wines of Chianti, and the black rooster was chosen as its symbol. Eight years later, the association added the term “classico” to differentiate the wines produced in the historic region from the ones of the surrounding areas.  In 2005, the gallo nero became the symbol of all Chianti Classico wines, and the emblem required to be displayed on the neck of all bottles.  Nowadays, the symbol must be present on the neck, front label, or back label of every Chianti Classico bottle.

Wines from historic Chianti Classico area are made mainly from the native red grape Sangiovese.  Since the vineyards are higher in altitude than in the general Chianti region, the wines express sharper acidity and stronger herbal aromas.  Try wines by some of our partner wineries like Isole e Olena, located in the heart of this remarkable zone, San Felice or the world-renowned Castello BanfiAccompany with typical dishes like osso bucco, pasta Bolognese or even a sausage pizza.

Author: Maytte Rivera

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