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Maytte Rivera

The term body refers to how light or rich a wine feels in your mouth. The body of a wine can range from light, to medium or full depending on alcohol content, residual sugar, acidity levels and, in the case of red wines, tannins. It varies between grape varieties and the difference in mouthfeel is similar to the variance you would find between skim milk and whole milk.

White wines that are aged in oak barrels, for example JLohr Chardonnay, seem fuller in body than wines that are produced in stainless steel tanks or cement vessels, as Louis Latour Montagny Chardonnay. High residual sugar content also makes the body seem heavier, like Chateau Monfort Vouvray or Prayers of Sinners Red Blend.  Red wines with high alcohol and tannin content will also feel richer, for examples Dominio del Bendito “Primer Paso”.

To enjoy wine, it is important to figure out if you prefer lighter of heavier styles, and the best way to figure this out is by tasting as much as you can.

Author: Maytte Rivera

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