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Maytte Rivera

Crémant is a French term used to describe a group of sparkling wines that are made outside of the region of Champagne.  But not all French sparkling wines are considered Crémant! Production laws allow for these wines to be made in nine specific regions, being Loire, Alsace and Burgundy the most famous ones.  They must be made in the traditional method of Champagne, where the bubbles are created by a second fermentation in each individual bottle.  The grapes varieties allowed for use vary in each region, but they are mostly the same grapes used for each region’s still wines.  They must be manually harvested, and the wines aged on the lees for a minimum of nine months. 

Maison Pierre Sparr has been producing wine in Alsace since 1680.  Nowadays, the ninth generation of the Sparr family produces still wines as well as Crémant.  Their Brut Reserve is made with Pinot Blanc and Pinot Auxerrois from family vineyards and aged for a year on its lees, while the Brut Rose is made with Pinot Noir and aged for 18 months.  These wines are great alternatives to Champagne at a fraction of the cost.  Enjoy them as an aperitif, for a Sunday brunch, or with a light summer salad. Cheers!

Author: Maytte Rivera

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