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Maytte Rivera

Demi-Sec is a French term literally meaning “half dry” that is used mainly in the Champagne region to label wines that have between 32 to 50 grams of added sugar.  However, it is also used in other regions around the country, especially in the Loire Valley.  Demi-Sec wines tend to have intense fruit aromas with well balanced acidity.  This keeps the sugar in the wine from feeling overwhelming or cloying, while maintaining freshness. 

In Champagne, a mixture of wine and sugar is added prior to the final bottling to determine the style of the wine.  It can range from the driest style Brut Nature, which has no added sugar, to Doux, which can have more than 50 grams per liter.  Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-Sec has 40 grams of of sugar and an intense nose of grilled peaches and toasted nuts.

In other regions of France, demi-secs are produced by stopping the fermentation before it is completed, therefore creating wines with less alcohol and some residual sugar.  In the region of Vouvray in the Loire Valley, Chateau Monfort uses 100% Chenin Blanc grapes from old vines to produce a demi-sec still wine with 20 grams of residual sugar.

Demi-Secs work very well with dishes that have some spicy components like sushi rolls or Indian curries.  Enjoy!

Author: Maytte Rivera

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