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Maytte Rivera

Estufagem is a process particular to the production of the fortified wines made on the island of Madeira, Portugal, during which the wines are stored in heated stainless-steel tanks called “estufas” or in oak barrels inside warm rooms called “canteiros” to undergo heat damage and oxidation. It is done to emulate the flavor profile that the original Madeira wines obtained while traveling on boats for very long distances.

The resulting wines can range from off dry to very sweet with around 20% alcohol content and, in some of them, the ability to age for 80 years. Blandy’s, one of the classic Madeira producers, creates a “Rainwater” the lightest style of Madeira with flavors of fresh ginger and preserved lemons, and a “Malmsey”, the sweetest style that carries aromas of pink peppercorn and dried figs.

Get adventurous and try a bottle of this unique beverage.

Author: Maytte Rivera

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