Horizontal tasting

June 4, 2024 by
Maytte Rivera

A horizontal tasting compares wines from the same vintage produced by different wineries.  There are two main practices when organizing horizontal tastings.  The most common is to taste wines from the same vintage and same grape variety, produced by several wineries in a specific region.  For example, tasting Malbecs from Mendoza from the 2020 vintage produced by different wineries.  This allows you to compare how the same grape responds to different winemaking styles and practices under similar climatic conditions.  Another type of horizontal tasting is comparing the same grape, from the same vintage, but from regions around the world.  For example, tasting Pinot Noirs of the 2020 vintage from Burgundy, Oregon, Sonoma, and New Zealand.  In this case you are analyzing how the grape was affected by the environment in a place of origin.

If you have never planned a horizontal tasting, here is an idea of where to start: 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.  Silverado GEO, Heitz Cellars, Grgich Hills, and Forman are from wineries from the region that we suggest you include.  Have fun!

Author: Maytte Rivera