July 6, 2023 by
Maytte Rivera

Négociant is a French term that refers to a wine vendor who buys grape bunches, juice, or wines from small growers, processing them and bottling under their own label.  This business model is quite common in Burgundy, where land has historically been divided between many heirs since the French Revolution in the 18th century.  This causes vineyards to be owned by many growers that do not necessarily have the means to process, bottle and distribute their own wines.  For example, the grand cru vineyard Clos de Vougeot is around 125 acres divided between more than 80 owners!

Maison Louis Latour is one of the most respected producers of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Burgundy.  Founded in 1797, there are known as “négociants-éleveurs”, or merchant-growers, who bottle wines made from their own vineyards, as well as from grapes purchased from viticulturers that have had contracts with the family for generations.  Now in the 11th generation, the Latours own 120 acres, including vineyards in the villages of Meursault, Marsannay, Gevrey-Chambertin, and 62 acres of grand cru vineyards.

Author: Maytte Rivera

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