Vin Gris

May 8, 2023 by
Maytte Rivera

Vin gris, or “gray wine”, is a French term given to a style of rosé wines that are very pale in color.  They are made by gently pressing red grapes and separating the juice from the skins without maceration.  The lack of contact with the red skins maintains the pale pinkish hue of the juice. The expression “oeil de perdrix”, French for “partridge eye”, was also used in the past to describe this style, referring to the similarity in color to the eye of this medium size bird native to Europe. 

Vin gris can be made from any red grape but Pinot Noir, Gamay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the most prevalent.  Belle Glos produces “Pinot Noir Oeil de Perdrix” from Sonoma, California, while Illahe Vineyards prefers to use Tempranillo harvested in Willamette Valley, Oregon for their version.  For something unique, try Pazo Pondal “Olivia” from Galicia, Spain, made from the native grapes Pedral and Sousón.  They are delicate and elegant wines that pair very well with a variety of foods, from sushi rolls and sashimi to seafood salad or grilled shrimp skewers. 

Author: Maytte Rivera

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