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Maytte Rivera

Malbec has quickly grown into one the favorite red wine grapes for enthusiast looking for a full body, fruity and smokey option.  When we think about Malbec our mind goes straight to Argentina, but it was brought to Mendoza in the 1850’s via the Southwest of France.  It has been used in the area for centuries, especially as one of the blending grapes of Bordeaux and the main grape of the “black wines” of Cahors.

The region of Mendoza in Argentina has proven perfect for Malbec since this grape benefits greatly of sunshine and altitude to develop aromas of plums, blackberry and cocoa while maintaining medium tannins and acidity. In Cahors, France, where the grape is also known as Cot, the wines tend to be of intense color (since the nickname “black wines”) with flavors of licorice, earthiness, and tobacco leaves.  Malbec is also making its way around the world, especially as a blending grape in California and Washington where it adds bright color and dark fruit flavors to the traditional Cabernet Sauvignon.

Enjoy it with grilled churrasco with chimichurri sauce, pastas with meat ragù, or chorizo pizza.  Look for the rose version for something unique and refreshing.

Author: Maytte Rivera

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