Nero D'Avola

August 29, 2022 by
Maytte Rivera

Italy counts with more than 2 thousand native grapes, and Nero d’Avola stands out as the “King of Sicily”. This “black grape from the town of Avola” is also known as Calabrese, and it is believed that the Greeks brought it in their travels from mainland Italy to the island, adapting easily to its terrain, from the maritime coast to the mountainous volcanoes. Considered as an indigenous Italian variety, it produces wines full of color and aromas of cherry, chili pepper and tobacco.

Nero d’Avola has given an international rebirth to the wines of Sicily. Le Casematte winery produces a young Nero without any oak aging for easy, everyday drinking.  Try one from Stemmari, a biodynamic winery that produces a Nero with six months of oak aging to achieve intense concentration of flavors followed by bright, cleansing acidity.

The intensity of Nero d’Avola calls for fatty food like pork belly or roasted duck breast. If you like to travel through wine without leaving your home, Nero is the grape for you!

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Author: Maytte Rivera

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