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Maytte Rivera

A punt is the indentation that is found on the bottom of most wine bottles. The term derives from the “pontil rod”, the wooden tool used by glass blowers to push the seam of the bottle up, preventing sharp areas and allowing it to stand up on a table.  The punt added stability, especially in bottles used for sparkling wine since it distributes the pressure more evenly through the glass.  Some believe that it can also help collect the sediment that forms in wines that age for long periods of time.   Nowadays, the punt is more of a tradition since bottles are not handmade and are much stronger than in the 17th century. 

While most wine bottles have a punt, there are some that traditionally have a flat bottom, for example the ones used for Riesling and Alsatian whites.  It is less expensive to produce them without a punt, since it requires less glass, but it is not an indication of the quality of the wine. Never judge a wine by the depth of its punt, but by the quality of its content!

Author: Maytte Rivera

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